Dentist Schenectady Alzheimer's Link to Your Oral Health

Alzheimer's Link to Your Oral Health

It is well known that dental health and other health issues can be linked to one another.  Some new information is suggesting that you can even determine the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease based on your oral health.  This is important information to be aware of if you are reaching the age when this disease strikes.  It is also a great reason to maintain proper dental health throughout all your years in an effort to prevent this disease.

Bacteria in the Mouth and Alzheimer’s Disease

A newer study from The University of Central Lancashire in England examined the brain tissue of 10 patients with dementia and 10 patients without the signs of the disease.  What they found was amazing.  Here were the results:
1. The gum disease bacteria lipopolysaccharides were present in four of the samples that had dementia.
2. The samples of people without dementia showed no signs of this bacteria.
The conclusion after seeing these findings is that the lipopolysaccharides bacterium can be triggering an immune system response that is killing brain cells.  This action could be causing the Alzheimer’s Disease in patients leading to confusion and poor memory.  Of course, more research is necessary to fully understand and support the initial findings, however, many people are encouraged after hearing this to take better care of their mouth.


How to Ensure Proper Gum and Teeth Health

If you are also feeling motivated to take charge of your oral health, starting now, you can find some general guidelines to help you move in the right direction.  Here are a few tips that might just help lower your risk of disease in the future:
1. Be sure to brush your teeth at least twice per day.
2. Use a mouth rinse after brushing that kills bacteria.
3. Eat a balanced diet, rich in vitamins and minerals, that is going to help you maintain a good overall health.  If you need additional support, consider using a supplement.
4. Floss between teeth daily to remove any remaining bacteria. 
5. Never miss routine dental appointments as the dentist can spot problems early.
6. Avoid sugary drinks and food as this can increase bacteria levels in the mouth.
Your local 12309 dentist is available to provide more guidance. Health issues that can be linked to your oral health are one of many reasons bi-annual checkups are so important. Call today to schedule your appointment at (518) 374-0780.