Dentist Schenectady Avoid Soda for Your Smile

Schenectady NY Dental Office Discusses What Soda Does to Your Teeth


Although soda is an enjoyable, popular beverage, there are more negative side effects to drinking this bubbly beverage than one may think. Drinking too much soda will not only affect your overall health, but your dental health, as well. That’s why our Schenectady NY dental office is here to make sure that patients know what soda is exactly doing to your body, including your smile.


Tooth Decay
There are countless circumstances that easily affect your dental health and drinking soda is one of them. Sugary drinks like sodas and fruit juices coat the surface of your teeth, gums and tongue, and without proper cleaning, the sugar will linger much longer than necessary. This breaks down your enamel, which is the protective surface of your teeth, and can cause sensitivity when you eat and drink. Exposing the center of your tooth is dangerous, painful and should be addressed as soon as possible.


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