Dentist Schenectady Avoiding Gum Disease

Best Dentist in Schenectady NY Explains how Gum Disease Can Ruin Your Smile


Many people think that not brushing your teeth will only give you bad breath and yellow teeth, but there’s much more to it than that. Dental care is highly ignored, but can cause a number of serious health problems, one of them being gum disease. The best dentist in Schenectady NY wants to teach patients how to avoid periodontal disease for a brighter, healthier smile.


The reason that gum disease arrives in the first place is a lack of dental care during your day-to-day routine. This means if you’re not brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day, every day, then you’re at serious risk for gum disease. It may sound over-exaggerated, but dental issues can sneak up on a patient and start to form before there are any serious, visible reactions to it.


The first thing that happens when your oral care is being ignored is inflammation in your gums. This is because the bacteria that you’re not cleaning out are creating a film on your teeth, causing that reaction. When this occurs, you’re most likely to have gingivitis, which is an early, preventable and curable stage of gum disease. Other symptoms may be red gums, bleeding gums, mouth sores, and constant bad breath. If these are some consistent signs that you’ve been noticing about your gums, then you may have gingivitis.


If gingivitis isn’t treated, then it could lead to much more serious problems. Your gums begin to recede, which exposes more of your enamel and allowing more bacteria to affect your teeth. Once this begins happening, then it’s most likely that you’re experiencing periodontitis. Since this is directly affecting your teeth and your gums are receding, the bacteria are beginning to reach the tissue and bone that’s holding your teeth in. If this continues to be attacked, then your teeth will start to decay and possibly fall out.


Avoiding all of these issues are as simple as keeping up with your daily dental routine and keeping up with your bi-annual check-up appointments. Dr. Merten will give you a thorough cleaning, along with some tips on how to protect your teeth throughout your daily routine.


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