Dentist Schenectady Caring for Dental Bonding
Once you’ve gone through the cosmetic dentistry procedure of dental bonding, you need to know how to properly care for it. Follow these simple tips to keep your teeth in great condition.
Why Does Dental Bonding need to be Maintained?
Dental bonding is susceptible to chipping and staining. This happens more with the bonding that most any other cosmetic dentistry procedure. Special care is needed if you want your bonded teeth to continue looking good. 
Take Care of Your Bonding
Aside from brushing and flossing as you should, there are some other steps to take so your bonding remains natural looking.
Cut down on your consumption of red wine, coffee and tea.
If you smoke, it is time to quit. Smoking not only increases your risk of gum disease and oral cancer, but it is bad for your overall health as well.
Avoid biting your nails or chewing hard objects like carrots, pencils and ice. This can chip your dental bonding.
If you notice any sharp edges to the bonding or if it feels strange when you bite, be sure to contact your 12309 dentist. The dental bonding might be repaired if problems are caught early enough.
Make sure you attend your checkups every 6 months so that the bonding can be inspected.
Is Dental Bonding the Best Choice?
While there are many cosmetic options you can choose from, dental bonding is one of the most inexpensive. It is also relatively quick and painless. 
The process of dental bonding does take some artistic skill to achieve the desired results. Be sure that your dentist is experienced with this procedure before continuing. You can ask to see before and after photos of some other bonding patients to get a feel for the performance that will be done.
Changing minor cosmetic imperfections isn’t difficult when using dental bonding. It is an inexpensive and time-saving way to improve