Dentist Schenectady Coffee and Your Teeth

Schenectady Dentists Pour You Some Knowledge!

The best Schenectady dentists, like Dr. Merten, understand that not everything is necessarily good or bad for your teeth. One of the commonly known things to cause staining on teeth is coffee, however, it has recently been discovered that coffee may actually be good for your teeth.


Anything is bad for you if you consume too much, but in a recent study conducted by Brazilian scientists, lead researcher Andréa Antonio discovered that a limited amount of black, sugar-free coffee can benefit teeth.  Scientists at Rio de Janeiro’s Federal University tested extracted baby teeth with an extract from Coffee canephora, a type of bean that makes up 30 percent of the world’s coffee. The tests resulted in the coffee actively breaking down the bacteria that turn into plaque. The researchers think that polyphenol antioxidants in the coffee were probably responsible for the effect, but said more research is needed to establish a direct link.


Who knew that drinking coffee has its benefits? Of course, you have to limit the amount you drink, and how you drink it. If you drink coffee with cream and sugar, this will counteract any of the benefits. Coffee isn’t necessarily bad, as long as you consume it in moderation.


Dr. Merten doesn’t necessarily promote coffee, however, a little bit and if consumed black definitely could have its’ benefits.



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