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See the True Meaning of Cosmetic Dentistry with Our Dentist in Schenectady


Self-image is something we all develop throughout our lifetime. This perception is based on a number of aspects of our being, from our personality to our achievements to our values and traits. Appearance also plays an important role in self-image, especially in today's society of "selfies." All in all, the image that we carry in our subconscious will drive our success within our professional, social, and romantic endeavors.


Why We Care about Appearance

To care about the way you look does not come down to vanity. Chances are, you place a great deal of importance on other positive aspects of yourself, such as your motivation or sincerity. That being said, we are almost forced to be "camera-ready" at a moment's notice these days. We are constantly fed a societal image of beauty, and this is bound to have an effect on our own personal preferences.


If you look in the mirror and see imperfections such as bad skin - or bad teeth - your psyche will respond. You may find that you do not smile very much. When you do, it is little more than an upward turn at the corners of your mouth. You may want to do whatever you can to avoid letting anyone see your teeth. From our experience, a person can feel this sense of self-consciousness simply as a result of discoloration or poor alignment.


Cosmetic Dentistry to the Rescue

Our dentist in Schenectady NY, Dr. Merten, has solutions to the cosmetic problems that are plaguing your smile. Working together, we can make necessary changes such as:


  • Tooth Color: Stains are pretty much guaranteed to show up at some point. This is not a new problem; humans have been trying to resolve tooth discoloration since very early civilizations were formed. Just in the last 100 years, the ideal method was pinpointed. Since that time, adults of all ages have been able to keep their pearly whites vibrant thanks to professional teeth whitening.
  • Tooth Position: We love to see beautiful, straight teeth; it's just human nature to notice such things. Problems such as a slightly turned tooth can be masked with lifelike porcelain veneers. More serious cases of misalignment may still need to be corrected with braces. But the results are worth it!
  • Size, Shape, and Proportion: Symmetry is one of the characteristics that makes a smile attractive. Teeth that are not sized in proportion to one another, or to the face as a whole, can diminish the smile aesthetic. We can correct these concerns with porcelain veneers or crowns.


We are here to give your smile the care it needs. Call (518) 374-0780 to schedule your consultation with our Schenectady dentist to see the ways your smile will transform, improve, and shine.


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