Dentist Schenectady Crucial Dental Cleanings

Schenectady Dentist on the Power of a Cleaning

Our Schenectady dentist, Dr. Merten, offers some of the most diverse treatments available in the region- and is able to help patients of all ages with these procedures. From more extensive cosmetic procedures to the general ones, Dr. Merten knows what it takes to restore your smile and to save it from oral health detriments.


One of the most common procedures the doctor partakes in is standard dental cleanings. These cleanings, which we suggest you receive at least once every 6 months, can have benefits for your oral and whole body health. But what else can a cleaning do for you? Look below to find out more!


Improves Your Breath

Bad breath can be caused not only by what you just ate, but what you may have eaten in the past that didn’t get properly removed from your teeth! Dental cleanings can help get any debris from those “hard to reach” places in the mouth that may be causing unwanted odors, so you can smile and exhale so sweetly again soon!


Brightens Your Shade

Age and diet are two big factors in the color of our teeth. Over time, coffee, tea, soy sauce and more can stain the teeth, but dental cleanings can help remove that. Take not only built-up stains off your teeth but take years off of your appearance by letting us clean up your smile and bring back those pearly whites!


Aside from the above enhancements, cleanings can also save you time and money. At the twice monthly pace, we can not only remove tartar and plaque that can lead to more serious dental issues, but we can identify and begin to treat some that are in their early stages before they get out of hand.


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