Dentist Schenectady Dental Fun for Kids

Schenectady, NY Dentist Shares Tooth Fairy Tips

Encouraging good dental health is an important part of a parent’s job. It’s your responsibility to ensure your child avoids gum disease, tooth loss and decay. Struggling with your child to care for their mouth doesn’t make it any easier. That’s why you should consider using the tooth fairy to make dental care exciting again.
Has Your Child Met the Tooth Fairy Yet?
Most often, children begin to lose their teeth around the age of five or six. Before this happens, you’ll want to encourage their oral care routine. Teach your children that the tooth fairy looks for clean, shiny teeth. To ensure she takes the teeth, your child will want to brush every day in anticipation of the gift she brings.
Drop Reminders
To keep them motivated, you can have the tooth fairy drop them little gifts and notes now and then. Maybe it’ll be a new toothpaste or toothbrush for their oral care. Then, once the tooth falls out, you need to honor what you’ve promised and deliver a fun gift.
Tooth Fairy Apps
With the strides in technology recently, there are some apps that bring the tooth fairy into your child’s life. You can use them to time your child’s brushing to ensure it lasts a full two minutes. Other apps offer interactive stories which children love to read. Kids enjoy using apps so this will only motivate them to do more.
Encouraging Dental Visits
Oral hygiene starts at home, but your child must also visit the dentist. Regular appointments are an essential aspect of optimal dental health. If your child is scared of the dentist, they won’t want to visit and the appointment will be difficult.
Make sure you always speak highly of the dental visits and tell your child that your Schenectady, NY dentist works for the tooth fairy. Make sure they know that the dentist will be reporting everything they find. You might even consider leaving special gifts from the tooth fairy after the visit is over.
Using all these new tools make it easier for your child to get excited about proper dental care.