Dentist Schenectady Dental Implant Benefits

See how Dental Implants Transform Your Smile with Our Schenectady Cosmetic Dentist


From very early in life, our teeth provide us with an invaluable service. Several, actually. Our teeth are necessary for chewing; we all know this. But they also enable us to form sounds, and they hold up our facial structure. In our practice, our Schenectady cosmetic dentist, Dr. Merten, places priority on creating lifelong relationships with our patients. We focus on preservation, but also have the necessary training that enables us to address tooth loss, should it occur.


Historically, it has been the dental bridge or denture that has restored the appearance of the smile after tooth loss. Today, we commonly turn to dental implants as the best possible solution. Dental implants don't necessarily replace the bridge or denture; these root replacement fixtures complement these longstanding treatments by maximizing stability. In so doing, the patient who received dental implants experiences notable benefits, such as:


  • Natural look and feel. The fact that implants sit in bone tissue beneath the gums, just like the tooth root, means that the end result of tooth replacement will feel natural, too. A large majority of patients who are treated with implants say they feel no difference from the teeth that Mother Nature gave them.
  • Sustained health. Yes, the method of tooth replacement you choose could impact your general health and wellness. When replacement teeth do not feel stable, some patients start to restrict their diet to foods that are easier to chew. Over time, the restricted diet can diminish nutrition and lead to less-than-optimal health.
  • Confidence. Until you experience tooth loss, you may not realize just how crucial your teeth are to your level of confidence. When you have the appropriate number of teeth, you don't have to feel self-conscious about a large gap in your smile. You can form all of the sounds needed to communicate clearly, and you can eat the foods you like without fear that your teeth may slip out of place (or out of your mouth).


Tooth loss doesn't have to carry such steep consequences. See how dental implant treatment from our cosmetic dentist in Schenectady preserves your smile by calling (518) 374-0780 and scheduling your consultation with our team today.