Dentist Schenectady Halloween Candy Trickery

Keep Your Smile From Looking Spooky!

You have to think someone at a high-ranking calendar creation, the date-setting company had to experience some serious fun when placing both National Dental Hygiene Month and Halloween in the same month. Is it really best practice to review oral health care techniques when people are generally shoveling down candy during the month? The best dentist in Schenectady NY, Dr. Merten, thinks it is actually the PERFECT time.


And while you can review some of our past blogs for all of the very best oral health care prevention and maintenance techniques, below we have supplied a bit of information that is more helpful for this spooky time of the year- when it comes to your candy.


To begin, Halloween candy can negatively impact your teeth in both terms of the quantity and quality you eat it in. Sure, having huge bags full of bite-size favorites available for super cheap all month doesn’t help anyone with a sweet tooth- but the way that you eat it, and what you eat, can be huge.


To start, don’t just shovel down 10 pieces of candy in a few minute span. You might as well be eating a king size bar or more in this case, and you probably aren’t going to be brushing right after either. One of the benefits of this candy is indeed the size of it, so try to limit your intake to 1 or 2 pieces at a time and you should be ok.


Taking some of that last premise, it is not ok to just do 1 or 2 pieces, every half hour, all work day. This allows for the sugar to sit on your teeth longer, which can result in decay, disease, and other detriments developing. The same rule as above applies- try to have 1 or 2 pieces a day, spread out, and always brush and floss when complete.


Lastly, some candy is actually better for you than others. Stick treats, like taffy or soft chews, can become lodged between the teeth easier and may be harder to remove. Try limiting these choices and going with something semi-healthy, like chocolate, instead.


For more information on keeping your smile non-spooky this year, call the office of the best dentist in Schenectady NY, Dr. Merten, today at (518) 374-0780. Happy Halloween from our family to yours!