Dentist Schenectady Home Care Dental Tools
When you go to the dentist for your bi-annual exams, you likely notice all the high-tech gadgets used to clean your mouth. Thankfully, there are plenty of tools you can use at home to keep your teeth shiny in between these visits.
Toothbrush and Floss
No dental routine is complete without your toothbrush and floss. It’s your first line of defense against food particles, bacteria and plaque. Make sure you take the time to floss your teeth before you brush. Then, more of the toothpaste’s fluoride can reach your teeth and build strong enamel.
Dental Plaque Staining
Why would anyone want to stain their teeth? It’s simple. These handy kits make it easy to see what is being missed during brushing. The kit will come with some chewable tablets that stain the plaque on your teeth a bright hue. It is also a fun way to get kids to brush better.
Mouth Mirror
You might not immediately think that one of the elongated mirrors would be a good tool for home. They can be useful in showing areas that you are missing while brushing. They are also helpful for spotting cavities early before costly procedures have to be performed.
Tongue Scraper
Tongue scrapers are effective at reducing bad breath and dislodging harmful bacteria from the surface of your tongue. Just make sure you always use it gently so you don’t create damage to the tongue.
Interdental Cleaner
If floss doesn’t seem to be enough for you, then it’s time to check out some interdental cleaners. You’ll find brush-like wands on the market which squeeze into the tight places of your mouth to clean properly. Many people with braces find them to be helpful. 
In addition, you can purchase an oral irrigator. This will shoot water between your teeth to dislodge any food particles or bacteria buildup. These are to be used in addition to your regular flossing and brushing, not as a replacement.
If you have questions about which tools are right for you or where to find them, be sure to speak with your dentist at your next checkup. Trying to decide between Schenectady dentists? Look no further than Dr. Thomas Merten. Call our office today (518) 374-0780.