Dentist Schenectady How to Prevent Tooth Loss

Maintain a Healthy Smile and Fight Against Tooth Loss with Our Family Dentistry in Schenectady


Tooth loss is one of the biggest dental health problems that many people in the world are suffering. Naturally, as people would grow old, their teeth will slowly fall out from their gums.


However, there are certain instances that people would lose their teeth due to traumatic and health reasons. Tooth loss can lead to several health problems like bone loss and severe pain. So, how do we prevent it?


Brush and Floss Regularly

Brushing and flossing daily will help remove or lessen tartar build up. It helps you stop plaque from forming inside your mouth. Plaque can lead to serious periodontal diseases if ignored.


Stop Cavity from Spreading

Cavity is a bacterium that can deteriorate your teeth if left treated.  Cavities would often spread from tooth to tooth.  It destroys the pulp of your teeth. If it continuous to advance, your dentist might need to remove the affected tooth or teeth.


Stay Healthy

Tooth loss can also happen if you do not take care of your body well. People with diabetes are more prone to tooth loss. Diabetes reduces your body’s immunity and its ability to heal fast. Diabetic people would often suffer severe gum bleeding and have high chances of tooth loss and high blood pressure due to gum bleed.


Don’t Smoke

Smokers are more at risk to periodontal diseases and tooth loss compared to non-smokers.  Smoking affects your blood supply, and it increases the risk of tooth loss due to substances in tobaccos and cigarettes. If you used to smoke or you still smoke, it is best that you stop and get your teeth checked to the nearest dental clinic.


Watch What You Eat

It's important that you mind what you eat. Lack of nutrients can lead to serious tooth loss.  You can make your teeth healthier by keeping the right amount of calcium nutrients in your body and avoid foods that are high in sugar and carbohydrates.



Tooth loss can also happen due to trauma. This can loosen the tooth from the jaw bone and can fall out when not protected. It is very important that you protect them from serious damage.


Regular Check-Ups

Lastly, it is very important to visit Dr. Merten regularly. They do not only keep your teeth free from periodontal diseases, but they will also keep your teeth from being misaligned.  As much as possible, you should visit our office twice a year. This will go a long way in keeping a good dental health.



Having a healthy oral hygiene prevents tooth loss. Tooth loss causes massive problems like bone loss and severe pain in your mouth. Tooth loss can also be a consequence of poor health and bad dental practices. It's very important that we follow these tips not just to avoid tooth loss but also other unfavorable factors that may come along with it.


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