Dentist Schenectady Importance of Athletic Mouthguards
Most athletes think they can do anything and never get hurt. The reality is that athletics get hurt daily and it is important for them to protect their bodies. One part of the body that often gets overlooked is the mouth. A few simple steps can keep those teeth right where they are supposed to be for many years to come.
Do Mouthguards Work?
Evidence would declare a definitive yes to this question. Take these facts for example:
Mouthguards were first used by boxers in the 1920s and they quickly became the first sport to require the use of them.
The NCAA requires mouthguards for four sports: ice hockey, field hockey, football and lacrosse.
The American Dental Association recommends that 29 sports or exercise participants use custom mouthguards.
Different Mouthguards Available
There are several varieties you might notice on the market currently:
Stock Mouthguards – These are your lowest cost options and can be bought at most drugstores or sporting goods store. These have the least amount of protection because the fit cannot be adjusted. This should only be considered as an option if you have nothing else to use.
Mouth-formed Mouthguards – These are often referred to as a “shell-liner” product. You can find them at the sporting goods store. They are lined with acrylic or rubber and it is the most common mouthguard on the market. You immerse them in boiling water and then form them into the mouth with your finger, bite and tongue. These often don’t cover the back teeth properly.
Custom-Made Mouthguards – Having a mouthguard designed for your mouth by a dentist is the best protection you can achieve. The sport is taken into consideration when it is created. These are often the most expensive option
Caring for a Mouthguard
Once you invest in a decent mouthguard, you’ll want to take good care of it. Follow these simple steps:
Rinse before and after each use.
Brush the mouthguard with a toothbrush and paste.
Transport in a sturdy container with vents.
Inspect for wear on a regular basis.
Do not leave the guard in hot water or the sun.
If you are participating in athletic activities, do yourself a favor and consult your Schenectady dentist to get fitted for a proper mouthguard. Your teeth will thank you.