Dentist Schenectady Importance of Senior Dental Care

Schenectady Dentists Explain Dental Difficulties Seniors May Face


Taking care of your teeth is a lifelong commitment, but it can become more difficult as you get older. Seniors are at a higher risk of dental issues because as they age, their teeth do, too. It’s important to know what can happen to your oral and dental health as you get older, so our Schenectady dentists discuss some of the issues that older patients can face when it comes to their teeth.


Difficulty Brushing
As you get older, there are certain medical conditions that likely occur. Arthritis is a common condition that older patients suffer from, which can hinder certain everyday activities like brushing their teeth. This can be an extremely difficult task because of the pain, so patients aren’t brushing long enough or maybe not at all. This can also eliminate flossing, which would prove to be even more difficult.


Root Decay
If the root of your tooth is exposed, it’s very likely to become infected. The root is not protected by your enamel since it’s supposed to be protected by your gums. If your gums have receded, this sensitive part of your tooth can be in serious danger. With weakened and damaged teeth, they have a higher risk of falling out.


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