Schenectady Cosmetic Dentist

Learn About Your 12309 Dentist's Office


Our practice recognizes a commitment to providing patients with the highest quality and best service in dental care. Therefore, we pride ourselves on staying committed to the following values:


Delivering Results

Our first priority is delivering unsurpassed results for our patients. Dr. Thomas J. Merten and his team take pride in providing the highest quality of dentistry in Schenectady, New York. Our combined years of education and experience have given us the training needed to work at the highest level. By combining diligence and an attention to detail, your 12309 dentist and his team are able to administer the best possible treatment for our patients.


Commitment to Service

It is our goal to provide comfort for all of our patients, but we especially care for our patients who are often nervous during their visit to the dentist. You will find that our Schenectady dental office is both warm and relaxing. Additionally, our friendly staff is committed to ensuring you feel both contents and at ease throughout your entire visit.


Patient Education

In order to maintain a high level of trust with our patients, we carry out an open dialogue about what procedures we are doing and why. By educating our patients on all the options available to them, 12309 dentist Dr. Thomas J. Merten can create a treatment plan that is aligned with what’s best for both your medical, financial and personal interests.


Staying Current

Before choosing a dentist in Schenectady, it is important to find out if your dental professionals are informed of current procedures and new technology. As the dental industry evolves, our dentists and hygienists continue to stay on the cutting-edge of dentistry by attending lectures, participating in conferences and studying industry literature. This allows us to provide our patients with the most relevant information and improved procedural options. We also ensure that our Schenectady dental office is equipped with the latest and most modern dental technology.