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See how to Properly Brighten Your Smile with Our Dentist in Schenectady


A bright, beautiful smile is the epitome of dental health and wellness. It can also contribute to confidence and higher self-esteem. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with naturally bright teeth. Additionally, our favorite drinks such as coffee and tea can dull the smile and cause unwanted staining. When this occurs, it may be beneficial for patients to consider the benefits of professional-grade teeth whitening. Our dentist in Schenectady, Dr. Merten, offers some of the best bleaching options for his patients, new and existing.


Teeth bleaching can be achieved one of two ways. The first is with our in-office power bleaching. Patients undergo an initial consultation appointment to determine if they are a candidate. Then the teeth are prepared. They are thoroughly cleaned and then a barrier gel is applied to the gum tissue for protection. The bleaching gel is administered onto the surfaces of the teeth and activated with a special light to lift stains deep from within the enamel. Approximately an hour later, the teeth are cleaned and patients leave the office with a brand new look!

The second option is our professional-grade take-home whitening trays. These are custom-made using impressions of the dental arches for a firm and precise fit. Patients administer whitening gel into the trays and wear them for a specific period of time every day. These are different from over-the-counter whitening trays because they are of a stronger concentration. Whitening results last longer and the entire process takes less time.


Both of these options are readily available at the practice of Dr. Merten. The best candidates for treatment are those who do not have restorations within their smile, as these are not affected by the bleaching gels and may stand out after treatment in a negative way. Patients serious about maintaining their whitening results but are interested in replacing their restorations may be better suited for the procedure than those who do not intend on doing so.


Dr. Thomas J. Merten of Schenectady, NY encourages patients to consider the advantages of professional grade teeth bleaching solutions. Contact his practice today at (518) 374-0780 to speak to our front office staff and book an appointment with our team.