Dentist Schenectady The Importance of Dental Care

Your Dentist in Schenectady NY provides the dental care your teeth truly deserve

Skipping your visit to the dentist is the same as if you keep skipping the service on your car. Pretty soon, your engine light will come on and eventually your car will stop working. Likewise, avoiding regular check up with your dentist can lead to some serious dental issues.


You need your teeth so that you can chew and break down your food in order to digest it and get nutrients from it. However, there are other essential reasons as to why you should have regular check-ups with your dentist.


Plaque & Tartar Build Up


-         There are certain areas of the mouth that cannot be reached with a regular toothbrush. For that reason, no matter how frequently you brush, floss, and use mouthwash, you cannot clean your mouth 100%. The inability to clean your mouth properly leads to plaque buildup and eventually develop into tartar. If left untreated it can lead to cavities which are a common cause of tooth decay. This is where a paying regular visit to your dentist can help in preventing plaque buildup in the first place.


Gum Disease


-         If the buildup of plaque and tartar is left untreated, then it not only causes tooth decay but it can also lead to gum disease. This condition is called Gingivitis. It can cause the gums to separate from the teeth which lead to teeth loosening or falling out. Once again if you visit your dentist for regular check-ups, then you can prevent this situation before it takes place.


Other Health Issues


-         There are other serious dental health issues such as oral cancer. Your dentist is trained to recognize signs & symptoms of oral cancer. This condition can become fatal if it is not diagnosed. There is a cure for oral cancer if detected early.


To be concise, by being regular with your visits to the dentist in Schenectady NY may not only help you prevent serious dental issues but also help you to keep your teeth for a long time.