Dentist Schenectady Tips for a Child's Smile

Schenectady NY Dental Office Offers Helpful Tips to Protect a Newborn’s Growing Smile


Having a smile that lasts a lifetime is the goal for everyone! To start out right, dental and oral health care begins at a very young age. As parents, it’s important to monitor your child’s teeth, gums and the rest of their mouth because they’re still growing. With the help of our Schenectady NY dental office, we want to share some simple and easy tips to protect your child’s smile.


When it comes to your baby’s teeth, they need just as much maintenance as the rest of their health does. Their first tooth starts to come in between the ages of four and eight months and by three years of age, all of their baby teeth should have erupted. But the at-home care should start immediately! After every meal, your baby’s mouth should be wiped down with a damp gauze to get rid of any excess, lingering sweetness. Too much sugar can cause a lot of damage to a newborn’s mouth if it sticks around for too long.


As babies begin the teething process, they can extremely irritable because of the pain that they’re in. This is why they attempt to bite and chew on objects to relieve the discomfort with some pressure. Using teething rings and other chilled teethers (not frozen) or massaging their gums will help them feel better.


When your child gets old enough to understand the importance of brushing their teeth, make sure that you’re there to help them! Children don’t have the proper dexterity to brush their teeth on their own, so parents need to help teach them, as well as brush their teeth for them until they’re old enough to get the best clean that they possibly can.


Your smile is important, no matter how old you are. Call our Schenectady NY dental office for more tips on children’s oral and dental health care, or to schedule an appointment at (518) 374-0780 today.


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