Dentist Schenectady Top 6 herbs to get healthy and strong teeth

Learn of Organic Herbs for a Healthy Smile from Family Dentistry of Schenectady

The toothpastes that are commercially available as well as the mouthwashes have fluoride as their main ingredient. Even though fluoride plays an important role in protecting the enamel, excess fluoride can cause the development of white spots on your teeth. In order to overcome the potential hazards, it is advisable to take the approach of the “back-to-basics”. There are various herbs that have been proven to be beneficial in protecting the gums and the teeth, as well as in maintaining your overall health. With these 6 herbs, it will be possible to keep your dental problems at bay.



Blood root has been used by herbalists in toothpastes and mouthwashes as it contains beneficial results. Sanguinarine, the primary active compounds that is found in the herb, has been noted to be effective in prevention of plaque.



This is commonly used as a natural sweetener that doesn’t contain any calories. It is usually around 300 times sweeter as compared to the table sugar. This herb has been noted to contain antibacterial activity in preventing growth of bacterial in the mouth.



Wheatgrass has been noted to help in neutralizing and eliminating toxins from the body. When wheatgrass juice is rinsed in the mouth, this can help to remove toxins from the gums, and therefore, improve your overall health.


White oak barb

This is quite helpful for gum problems as it contains tannins that help to tighten gums, as well as the loose teeth, and therefore, improve the gum tissue’s elasticity.



These red buds contain more than the culinary use. For a long time, they have been used in the treatment of toothaches. They can also be used as breath and mouth fresheners.


Holy basil

This is a plant that is highly valued and contains different medicinal properties. It has some strong antibacterial properties and can help to prevent gum disease, bad breath, and plaque buildup.


While these natural herbs can help you with your dental care, you should still visit your family dentist in Shcenectady for regular check up.