Dentist Schenectady What to Do about Bad Breath

Bad Breath Sounds Innocent, but It's Dangerous! See how Our Schenectady Dentist Battles Halitosis


We’re all familiar with the feeling of bad breath, whether it’s when you’ve just woken up or you’ve eaten something particularly potent. While it can be easy to obtain bad breath, it’s typically harder to get rid of it, especially if you’re nowhere near the necessary tools to do so. Below, our Schenectady dentist will discuss bad breath and how it can evolve into something worse that negatively affects your oral and dental health if it’s not properly addressed.


Like we mentioned, there are several common reasons that people suffer from bad breath for a short period of time. Sometimes, the strongest scented foods are the best tasting. Typically, you can brush your teeth for the recommended two minutes to get rid of the smell and go about your day. Other times, people suffer from bad breath for much longer than they expect to and they’re not entirely sure why.


Besides food, other origins of bad breath are cavities, gum disease, poor oral hygiene, or all of the above. The bacteria from your foods and drinks build up over time and, if they’re not properly cleaned by brushing and flossing, they can release a foul smell that’s not as easy to get rid of in one simple step. The smell is usually described as sulfurous and can also be caused by dry mouth, infections, heartburn, and others. It differs from person to person, but should always be addressed regardless.


Another popular reason that people suffer from bad breath is the harmful habit of smoking cigarettes and other uses of tobacco. There is a high number of negative side effects that smoking causes and one of the early instances is the smell. The smoke lingers on both your clothes and your breath, lingering on your tongue, lips, and the inside of your mouth for far too long and it’s not always easy to get rid of the smell by just brushing.


Here are some ways that you can fight bad breath if it seems to be consistent in your day-to-day routine:

  • Drink plenty of water! Use it to rinse out your mouth throughout the day too, including after meals so there are no lingering food particles that can build up with your bacteria and stick around.
  • Don’t forget to brush! It’s highly recommended to brush at least twice a day, but maybe think about brushing your teeth in the middle of your day after lunch to ensure that your smile is healthy. Sometimes, over-brushing can be harmful, so don’t be afraid to ask us what’s the best option.
  • Replace your toothbrush! Did you know that your brush wears down after two to three months and doesn’t clean your teeth as well as it should? It may not be noticeable on the brush, but the bristles are weaker than they used to be. If they begin to fray, toss it out and get another one.
  • Schedule an appointment! Keeping up with your regularly scheduled dental visits will ensure that your smile is in good hands. Bad breath may seem innocent, but it can turn into a serious dental issue if you’re not careful.


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