Dentist Schenectady What Your Mouth is Telling Us

See What Our Schenectady Family Dentist Learns about Your Smile During Your Routine Visit


You schedule routine checkups and cleanings because it is what you were taught to do. The visits that you keep with our family dentist in Schenectady are designed to support ongoing oral health and a beautiful smile. Of all the things you might expect from your general dental checkups, you might be surprised to realize there is much more that is revealed by the tour your dentist takes of your mouth. This should not be alarming to you. The more Dr. Merten can see, the better you can foster the health and wellness you deserve.


Such a Small Space, So Much to Say!

For such a small part of your overall body mass, your mouth can disclose a lot about you. Here are some of the tidbits of information that may be divulged during your dental exam.


You may have a drink to ditch


The intent of a dental exam is not to tell you what you should and shouldn't do, per se, but to understand the risks that you may have for certain problems. If you realize, however, that your favorite soda or sports drink may be causing irreparable harm to your teeth, you might want to rethink your habits. In recent years, as carbonated beverages have been formulated with high-fructose corn syrup rather than sugar, there has been a shift in the dental concerns related to soda. Yes, a soda habit can still put you at an increased risk for cavities. However, the inclusion of substances like citric acid also create a significant risk for erosion. Erosion can make it easier for cavities to form, for teeth to become discolored, and for chips and cracks to occur.


You may have some stress to deal with.


We all have stress that we need to deal with. The problem arises when we do not realize just how much stress we are carrying. Dentists routinely see the signs of stress in the mouth, such as cracked or chipped teeth, gum wear, dysfunctional joints, and discomfort - all due to the teeth-grinding and jaw-clenching that stressed-out people do when they sleep.


Stress and that soda addiction are two of many revelations that may be told by your mouth. Dentists can also identify vitamin deficiencies and health conditions like diabetes. The benefit to this is your ability to manage your health with the help of trusted health care providers.


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